Simply Secret Life

Simply Secret Life

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So I’m caught up on Secret Life and can I just say one thing?

GRACE: If I had a guy like Grant, I would NEVER cheat on him! It seems like Grant just keeps getting shit on by girls and he is the NICEST guy on the damn show!!! I was finally starting to like Grace, but that made me dislike her so fucking much.

ADRIAN: Thank God she is back on her toes. I swear, if I had to watch another episode full of her crazy fucking intense bitchy bitter depressed self… I would have falcon punched my TV.

BEN: I really hate him. He’s a tool and just a big bag of douche. Can they kill him off or..?

ASHLEY: What the fuck is she up to? She’s not even relevant anymore.

AMY: Nothing but good things to say about her :)

RICKY: Ditto :)

JACK: He needs to get his shit together. He obciously doesn’t knoww aht the fuck he’s doing with Madison. And he just has different personalities everytime we see him on the screen. Either he wants to be with Grace or he doesn’t. Or her loves Madison or he doesnt. Or he doesn’t wanna have sex with Madison, or he does. MAKE UP YOUR MIND DUDE!


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